Sharpclaw Intermission - Comic Status
Have you been wondering, "Hey, where is chapter four?"

Short Answer

Not here yet!

When I Expect Chapter 4 to Start

Probably April or May.

What I've Been Doing (a.k.a. My Excuses)

Whew, so... I was drawing three comic chapters concurrently for a while there: Deer Me, Sharpclaw, and smut. 60 comic pages all at once wound up being both satisfying and... frankly... led to some exhaustion. I did not notice how burnt out I got from that until after I stopped.

First, I tried to fill the intermission with Question & Answer pages. Those were fun, but actually kept me from working on the next chapters. Apparently, I cannot write and draw Q&A pages and write and draw comic pages at the exact same time. It is like how I cannot be at two different places at the exact same time. Weird, right?

Then I got sick, because of course I did.

And I hosted family -- who miraculously did not catch my brutal cold -- during part of that time.

While sick, I started binging on podcasts... and now I need to break that habit! I cannot focus on writing or on penciling comic pages while listening to classic short stories or the history of folklore. (I can ink and color while doing that, though, since those stages do not require my own story-telling concentration.) Instead, I have been finishing old drawings that I sketched years ago and marked to "finish someday."

So, yeah... my comic work basically got stalled. I have been drawing... just not comic pages. (Quick question: Does anyone want me to post the drawings I have been doing? Previous polls here have suggested that you all are not really interested in my stand-alone images, and I honestly am not trying to bore you.)

This serves as both a confession to you and as a chiding reminder to me to get back to comics.

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