Sharpclaw Intermission - Happy New Year
Happy new year! Welcome to 2020!

Yes, this is two weeks later than I intended it to be.

My favorite story by Edgar Allen Poe is "The Oval Portrait." In the story, the narrator learns the history of a remarkable portrait. The painter and model were husband and wife, and the painter became so focused on his work that he failed to notice his wife weakened in health. The final line reads: "[The painter cried] 'This is indeed Life itself!' turned suddenly to regard his beloved: -- She was dead!"

I frequently draw cheerful scenes while listening to creepy tales or mournful music. I derive joy from the anger conveyed in some folk music or heavy metal music.

I mention all this because I was working on this image -- fully intending to release it publicly on January 1 (and six days early for $5+ patrons) -- when I fell sick with this darn cold that managed to wipe me out for what is now going on three weeks.

Apparently, I gave this image of Zeal all my vitality. :-P
Stuart Herkes Voodoo!! Jan 20, 2020
maybe you have discovered Vooddo powers through your drawins!!Cool!-seriously great picture!
Jan 20, 2020
Sheryl Schopfer
Next step: Learn how to use those powers to my benefit, not my detriment! ;-)

And thank you! :-)

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